Website Design/Hosting

Website Development: 25,000 Naira

 Domain Name: 3000 per year

 Web Hosting: You pay 7,000 Per year for a web Hosting account. This hosting package should be enough to power your business until your website grows big.

 2,000 Free SMS units

 Total: 35,000

 A page of SMS delivering 1Unit=1SMS.

SMS units to be purchased at reseller price as low as 1.35kobo or lower, depending on the quantity purchased.

 Once your payment is made, please send the following information to us by email:


1) Your proposed bulk SMS domain name.

 2) E-mail address.

 2) Telephone Number(s).

 4) Your Contact Address.

 5) Quantity range and prices that you want to be selling your bulk SMS for each quantity range.

 6) Your Bank account details you want your customers to pay into.


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